Best app for searching for drivers?

Ive to find two dirvers.  Video and Audio - onboard / I might dip my head into the case very soon to see.

Anywho - I used to think Driver Genius was the dogs - but its gone down hill.

Whats everyones favourite?
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souseranConnect With a Mentor Commented:
VEN_1002=ATI Technologies Inc. / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

DEV_4370=IXP AC\'97 Audio Controller

DEV_5974=Most likely a Radeon video card with drivers available here:

m64k9-ALV=EQS M64K9-ALV Socket 939 ATI Xpress

More information here:
This is what i do when i look for drivers.

I go to my driver property's (System - Tab: Hardware - Device Manager)

There i look for the other devices - i click the advice i want and go to "properties" and to the tab: Details.

There you can see (in a line of code):

This is to identify the VENdor and the DEVice. After this i know what device is not recognized.

After this, i go to the pcidatabase and i do a device search with Number 2.

Normally this would help me further in my progress of solving my driver problem.

It's an more than "beginner" answer as no external software is used. But this order of working always helped me further and i hope it helps you to!
What is the make and model of the device in question?
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wordedAuthor Commented:

For the Vid card
Im getting PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5974

So its an ATI but the card - I will rip it out and have a peep

For the sound card
Im getting PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4370

I will open up the PC and have a look .

Can you figure the driver for either form that?

wordedAuthor Commented:

Its onboard sound and video I can see the mobo.

I see a part number / sticker on the parallell port - It could be for the mobo m64k9-ALV

The software "EVEREST" from Lavalys will identify your motherboard, chipset, and all peripherals in your PC.  You can then search for the drivers knowing what you're looking for.  You should be able to get a trial versions here.
or post your mobo model, then we can find all you need from the manufacturer
You can automate the drivers discovery/download/update using the nifty program DriverMax:
You can give it a try.
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