3Com 5500G Switch Stacking Help

Does anyone have any experience with 3Com 5500 switches who can possibly take me through the steps required to stack 2 5500G switches?  I have a 5500G 24 Port currently in production and want to add a second 5500G and stack them together.  I have the 3Com stacking cable, but I can' t find any documentation detailing the setup required, commands, etc...
GDB IanAsked:
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mharfouchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to use xenpak. I dont think there is another way.
GDB IanAuthor Commented:
Isn't xenpak a Cisco thing?  These are 3Com switches.
You can just use the rear stacking slots for XRN stacking.

You do not need to use xenpak connections.

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