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Hi E's, I want sale domains name, and I'd like to know what is the best site to be affiliate.
I have my all personal domains in godaddy, and I investigate if they have that service, but for come a reseller I have to invest money first.
Maybe have a service where I earning money just because recommend that site, like, in my server I put the search engine for domains, and if customer buying in my site, I have a API that connect with seller, and I earning a percentage.

What experts recommend?

Regards, JC
Pedro ChagasWebmasterAsked:
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mwdesignConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Stay with GoDaddy.  It's worth the $100 a year to become a reseller.  You will also be able to resell all of the other services they have to offer, which is substantial.
No idea what you are saying.
Pedro ChagasWebmasterAuthor Commented:
I thing godaddy offers a great service. Can check in

Regards, JC
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