PHP GD resize to thumbnails and retain original image aspect ratio. Thanks.

Thank you for any advice, code, or hints I am just stuck on this and can't generate thumbnails while retaining original image aspect.
// Set local PHP vars from the POST vars sent from flash
$todayDate = $_POST['todayDate'];
$id = $_POST['id'];
$name = $_POST['Name'];
$email = $_POST['Email'];
$filename = $_FILES['Filedata']['name'];
$filename = strtolower($filename);// Must be Lower Case or else Black image
$filename = "uploaded.jpg"; // rename all files to 	
$filetmpname = $_FILES['Filedata']['tmp_name'];	
$fileType = $_FILES["Filedata"]["type"];
$fileSizeMB = ($_FILES["Filedata"]["size"] / 1024 / 1000);
// Place file on server, into the images folder
move_uploaded_file($_FILES['Filedata']['tmp_name'], "images/".$name."_".$todayDate."_original_".$filename); //Original
createthumb("images/".$name."_".$todayDate."_original_".$filename,"images/".$name."_".$todayDate."_print_".$filename,398,568); // Printable <---- NEED HELP TO MAKE DYNAMIC AND RESIZE with out distorting original image aspect ratio code works just need to improve here it's hard coded to 398x568 need it to except any image size 
createthumb("images/".$name."_".$todayDate."_original_".$filename,"images/".$name."_".$todayDate."_thumb_".$filename,75,100); // Thumbnail <---- NEED HELP TO MAKE DYNAMIC AND RESIZE with out distorting original image aspect ratio code works just need to improve here it's hard coded to 75x100 need it to except any image size 
function createthumb($name,$filename,$new_w,$new_h)
	if (preg_match("/jpg|jpeg/",$system[1])){$src_img=imagecreatefromjpeg($name);}
	if (preg_match("/png/",$system[1])){$src_img=imagecreatefrompng($name);}
	if (preg_match("/png/",$system[1]))
	} else {
// Insert for display in flash
$con = mysql_connect("*****","****","***");
if (!$con)
  die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());
mysql_select_db("ftr", $con);
// Data Insert Image File Names
$original = "".$name."_".$todayDate."_original_".$filename; //Original
$thumbnail = "".$name."_".$todayDate."_thumb_".$filename; // Thumbnail
$printable = "".$name."_".$todayDate."_print_".$filename; // Printable
// Data Insert Image File Names
$sql="INSERT INTO ftr_images_tbl (id, ftr_original_img, ftr_thumb_img, ftr_print_img) VALUES ('$id','$original','$thumbnail','$printable')";
if (!mysql_query($sql,$con))
  die('Error: ' . mysql_error());
  } else {
$message = "******" );
print "answer=ok";
// Insert for display in flash

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Here's a routine I've used on a bunch of my projects.

set $file to the image name. and you might have to change directories.
      $new_x=(int) ($ratio*imagesx($original_image)+.5);
      $new_y=(int) ($ratio*imagesy($original_image)+.5);
      $new_im = @ImageCreateTrueColor($new_x, $new_y) or die ("Cannot Initialize new GD image stream");
      $ok=imagecopyresampled( $new_im, $original_image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $new_x, $new_y, imagesx($original_image), imagesy($original_image));
      $ok=imagejpeg( $new_im, '../item_thumbs/'.$file, 100);

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MultiversedAuthor Commented:
Hi Michael! Looks like a solid routine. I will give this a run first thing tomorrow morning. I'll let you know how it goes. Then I will post back working code. Both the AS3 and PHP. Thanks.
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