NetBeans: browser error.

From within NetBeans 6.1, on the Start page, if I click "Web Apps" (or any of the tutorials ) , I get the error "Cannot execute /usr/bin/firefox. Check external browser configuration."

In Tools > Options, Web Browser is set to "/usr/bin/firefox", which is a logical pointing to /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.10, which is a logical pointing to /usr/lib/firefox.  All have World:Execute privs.

From any location, I AM able to execute the command
(it starts FireFox 3.0 as expected, with no problem)

Does anyone know why I get the above error, and how to resolve it ?

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afaik this is an issue with differing ways that Firefox has of passing parameters to itself. You need to check what the command line arg format is for your version and then configure that in options for browser execution:
tomlanderAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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