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Hi, I have a stored proc that will accept zipcode and radius as parameters
and return list of zipcodes based on the params.

I am inserting the results into a different table. I have couple of questions,

How do I loop through the records from above and insert into another table
How do I get a count of records thrown by the query.

If the count is >0 I want to insert into another table
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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Normally with a stored procedure it is just returning rows... you can insert them into a table using the insert command, but you cannot do a 'where' clause... You could do the "where" part in your stored procedure...

so, to insert have a look at the sample below...

The stored procedure is simply returning a pile of rows and storeing it into a table.
-- step 1 create a stored procedure for our example
create procedure usp_Get_ZipCode (@zip varchar(20))
  select 'zip 1' as zipcode, 'suburb 1' as suburb, 1 as number_suburbs union all
  select 'zip 2' as zipcode, 'suburb 2' as suburb, 2 as number_suburbs union all
  select 'zip 3' as zipcode, 'suburb 3' as suburb, 3 as number_suburbs union all
  select 'zip 4' as zipcode, 'suburb 4' as suburb, 2 as number_suburbs union all
  select 'zip 5' as zipcode, 'suburb 5' as suburb, 1 as number_suburbs union all
  select 'zip 6' as zipcode, 'suburb 6' as suburb, 3 as number_suburbs 
-- step 2 create a table to receive data - note it must match at least the output of the stored procedure
create table #my_zipcodes(id int identity, zipcode varchar(60), suburb varchar(60), burroughs int)
-- step 3 store results of stored procedure into the table
insert #my_zipcodes (zipcode, suburb, burroughs)
exec usp_get_zipcode 'any'
select * from #my_zipcodes

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Mark WillsTopic AdvisorCommented:
Oh, and then to insert into another table, just use the insert command with a select :

insert my_other_table (< column list >)
select <column list>
from #my_zipcodes
where <conditions>

if there is nothing in #my_zipcodes that satisfy the <conditions> then it is a empty set and nothing is added.

if there is possibility of duplicate rows that might already exists then would have to extend those <conditions> with :

insert my_other_table (< column list >)
select <column list>
from #my_zipcodes Z
where <conditions>
AND not exists (select NULL from my_othertable O where O.zipcode = Z.zipcode and O.suburb = Z.suburb)
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