how many remote desktop conections can i do simuntanesly in my server 2003 sbs

i have a sbs server 2003, and i need to know how many connections (remote desktop connections) i can do at the same time with differents users, i have a high speed internet 4gb cable connection. the users will be running word and exel files?
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sykojesterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Only the Remote Desktop for Administration mode is available because Small Business Server always runs on the domain controller, and only two simultaneous RDP sessions are allowed. Terminal Services in application sharing mode needs to be run on a second server on the network. This however is possible with SBS 2008 Premium edition which includes a Windows Server 2008 license for running the second server.
Brian PringleSystems Analyst II, SCM, ERPCommented:
According to this article, you cannot use it in Application Mode, which means only one administrator can sign on at a time.

Q.  Can I run Terminal Services in Application Server mode on SBS 2003 R2?
A.  No. It is not possible to run Terminal Services in Application Server mode on SBS 2003 R2. Running Terminal Services in Application Server mode on a domain controller presents a potential security risk to your network and so application mode is disabled. If you want to use Terminal Services in Application Server mode, we recommend that you purchase an additional Windows Server 2003 license and install an additional server running Windows Server into the SBS 2003 R2 domain. You could also run Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 on SBS 2003 R2 and then run Windows Server 2003 in terminal services mode within Virtual Server. See the Microsoft Web site for running a Terminal Server in a SBS environment.
delphilennyAuthor Commented:
now that i know that i can't do rdc, what is my solutions to comunicate users outside the office, vpn (how may connectiosn i can make at the same time ) or ftp, any other idea?  thak you
If I remember correctly, when RRAS (Routing & Remote Access) is setup you have 50 PPTP & 50 L2TP connections available for VPN.

FTP via IIS has a default 100,000 simultaneous connections.

It should be noted that SBS is limited to 75 (CALs) total users regardless of all of this.
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