Serial ports in Cisco 2801 router

I purchased a used 2811 router as a backup to a 2801 with 4 T1 lines.  Although the 2811 has 4 t1 lines it does not have the serial port interfaces needed for the T1's. The 2801 has the serial interface but i do not see any other WIC cards. Where are the serial ports located? I can't find any serial ports for a 2800 series that wouldn't have some external connectors.

Are they inside the router?  I thought the serial interfaces were included with the T1 WIC cards but that does not seem to be the case.  
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Is there a card added to the WIC...
There is usually a WIC-2T card added with the 2801.
jameshowethAuthor Commented:
I can insert the T1 cards from the 2801 into the 2811. The T1 interfaces come up but no serial interface.
The 2811 does not even recognize the command interface serial.  type interface ? and the word serial is not listed.  So if the serial ports are not on the t1 card and there are no other cards I can see inserted where are they?
WIC must have been removed.

These are not always sold at time of purchase. I would suggest speaking to the person that you purchased the router from. usually the WIC is an add-on component therefore may not have been purchased.
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jameshowethAuthor Commented:
Where is the WIC card? Is it inside the router? Where does it plug in?
jameshowethAuthor Commented:
Sorry I may be slow but that does not explain anything. All the serial WIC cards have some kind of connector. The 2801 that is working only has the 2 VWIC-2MFT-T1 cards. No other cards are plugged into this router and it works and has 4 serial interfaces.

I take these same 2 cards and insert them into the 2811 and it shows no serial interfaces.

Where are these? They are not plugged in there is nothing but blank covers on all the other interface slots.

The show interface only shows the 2 vwic-2mft- t1 cards and the ethernet ports. Nothing else.

The 2801 accepts serial commands with these cards and the 2811 does not
You need to enable the WIC

Try this:
card type t1 0 2
You may need to reload the router afterwards...

If you type "show diag", do you see the VWIC?
jameshowethAuthor Commented:
it shows both T1 cards and accepts commands for the T1 controller.  

Shows no serial ports and will not accept commands for serial ports

jameshowethAuthor Commented:
I'll check on it tomorrow.
After searching the Internet for several hour I may have found out why this is happening.

 I had uploaded my configuration to the router before installing the T1's.  I think the channel group commands may have been removed from the T1 controller when no WIC cards were discovered.  That may be why the serial commands are missing.  
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
The serial ports are created by the channel-groups.

controller t1 0/0
 framing esf
 linecode b8zs
 channel-group 0 timeslots 1-24
int serial 0/0:0
 ip address
 no shut

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jameshowethAuthor Commented:
This is correct. As I stated above I had figured it out finally but you get the points since you had the solution. I had uploaded the complete image before I installed the T1's   When I started the router I could see the commands for the T1's but I just didn't notice the last line under the controller for the channel group had been removed.  
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