Skype headset USB or 3.5mm

USB Headsets should give better quality audio with skype I guess, but does that also mean it consumes more system resources?

On a low bandwidth system  with a low spec pc would I be better using an analogue set
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Gary CaseConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
A USB headset is an actual audio device, whereas a 3.5mm headset is using the sound card on your PC.    Which is "better" depends on the quality of your system's sound card and the quality of the USB headset.

As for system resources used -- that also depends on the audio devices involved.   A dedicated sound card will use fewer resources than an onboard sound chip, etc.   In general, a good dedicated sound card with a standard headset will use the fewest system resources for audio processing.
stummjAuthor Commented:
Thanks - its what I thought but good to check with someone else. Ive not got the standard headsets which work brilliantly on low spec laptops on a low bandwidth internet connection using skype.
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