how do i convert decimal to fraction in Java?

Thank you.
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Algorithm :-

Suppose you have 1.5, the decimal part if 0.5
-> Multiply the numerator and denominator by 10, you get 10/15.
-> Find the greated common divisor - 5.
-> Divide both numerator and denominator by 5, you get 2/3.

Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
commons lang has a method for it


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I have no idea about the function in Commons Lang.
This is what I thought

        iint numerator = -1;
        int denomianator = -1;
        double d = 1.5;
        // Find num of decimal digits
        Double temp = new Double(d);
        String s = temp.toString(d);
        int numOfDecimals = s.length() - s.indexOf(".")-1;
        denomianator = (int) Math.pow(10, numOfDecimals);
        numerator = (int) (temp.intValue() * Math.pow(10, numOfDecimals) + (temp.floatValue()-temp.intValue())* Math.pow(10, numOfDecimals));
        System.out.println(numerator+"/"+ denomianator);

This is a test code that changes the deicmal to fraction. All you need to do is reduce the fraction further
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jiwonmanAuthor Commented:
a b .

do you think I can implement that to my previous problem? I wish I can try it but not enough time for me as of right now.

your method makes sense btw.
shouldn't the fraction be written as 1 and 1/2
here is what you need to do -

create a new function called void printFraction(double num)
move all convesion code within this function
when you do a sysout for the array, call this function Sysout(printFraction(array[i][j]));

I am sure you can do this, let  me know if you need any help.
You donot need to change the existing code/login, all you need to do is add code.
There is a method in org.apache.commons.lang.math.Fraction class.

This method has the prototype:

static Fraction getFraction(double value)
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