Using a Router without a land based Internet Cnnection

I have a client who has a Bigpond Wireless (Mobile) internet service using a USB Sierra Card.  She would like to also have wireless access, while at home, to a multifunction printer she has which has inbuilt ethernet card.  I was thinking then that she can still use her Mobile Broadband for her internet whilst also connecting to a wireless router which has her ethernet based printer connected to it.

Has anyone done this type of set-up before.  I am presuming this should work.  But can anyone tell me for certain before I install such a router and try to connect the printer up via ethernet.
I was looking at a mobile broadband router like a Dlink DIR-451, but they are a bit pricey for my client.
Any info or advice would be appreciated

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Usually the printers need to be connected using an ADHOC NW connection.

I would have a look into the manual for the printer to see if it has the capability of doing what you are wanting to do.

Alternatively i am assuming that your customer has her telstra/bigpond 3G card connected to a laptop... does the laptop have its on wireless nic installed? If so just purchase any form of wireless router make sure it has a print server functionality and assign the printer an IP and bobs your uncle you will be able to print via your network.

Yes.  I'd go the wireless print server route.  The Dlink router you are looking at retails for $199 on the Dlink site.  Here's a link to the Dlink wireless print server for half the price:

Check it out.
Since the multifunction printer has an ethernet port, almost any wireless router should do the job (i.e. linksys wrt54g). They're dirt cheap and you might already have one lying around.

What is the printer model? Some modern printers even have built-in wireless, often with a -W in their model number, which should make your task even easier.

Sounds like it's just one computer and one printer for now. Just set up the networked printer, it won't know or care whether connections are wired or wireless. Wireless Infrastructure mode allows other future wireless computers to access the network and printer. Same for wired connections if extra ports (usually 4 or 5) are available. You could even setup and use ICS in a pinch.

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mbellettyAuthor Commented:
I just tried connecting a Dlink DIR-451 Wireless 3G Router to the clients mobile broadband card, but was unsuccessful.  Has anyone tried these two combinations at all.  Their mobile Broadband card is a USB device with model number MF636.
For some reason I just could not get the router to identify the usb device or the broadband settings on it.

AFAIK, only the PC Card is supported, and a short list of cards at that. Also, who's your 3G wireless carrier?

What are you trying to achieve again? Are you building a network or trying to fix one thing (i.e. add printer)? If the latter, what is the network setup at the two locations and what does work?
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
trying to build one.
The customer has a laptop and a PC.  The laptop has inbuilt wireless adpater.
They also have a ethernet enabled and wireless Dell V505 printer.
The laptop user would like to connect to the printer wirelessly.
Their internet service is a USB Telstra Mobile Broadband that is mainly used on the laptop.  They had dial-up for the PC, but are hoping to be able to share the mobile broadband service whilst also shring the printer.  I was hoping the Dlink DIR-451 would share both the mobile broadband and the printer for both machines to connect to wirelessly.

Ah, it's more complicated than first appearance. Can you list all the current and future nodes (i.e. devices you plan to connect up)? Also, list all the existing networks/connecting points/type  (i.e at work, home, cafe, etc.; DSL/Cable/Ethernet).

BTW, why does she need 3G wireless? Is there use outside work and home? Can WiFi Hotspots suffice?

Let's break down the problem abit and figure out what is working and what is not. First off, I think the printer has nothing to do with the broadband. They're really separate issues. One wireless is not related to another (broadband, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc.), except on devices that bridge the two networks. Think WAN (ISP) and LAN and a couple of devices that bridge them. With one computer, I don't understand why you're trying to put the broadband wireless card into the router. However if that is what you really want to do, does the laptop have a PC Card slot? If so, would the carrier be willing to exchange the USB for a compatible PC Card? Many will do these equipment adjustments for free or low cost to retain your business or extend contracts. But make sure that is what you really need.

Does the Dell V505 printer work? How? If I were you, I'd get that connection up first. Easiest would be via USB. Next move to Ethernet first directly from laptop to printer, and then via router (enabling printer sharing). Once you have a wired connection working and tested, try setting up the Wifi and unplugging the wire. A direct Wifi connection between laptop and printer (i.e. no router) may also be shared with other Wifi computers if needed. So far, you still don't need a router. However, since your router has a USB connector, mainly designed for use with printers on the LAN, that would be an option to use/share the printer (wasting the ethernet/Wifi card).

How well does the USB 3G work with the laptop?

mbellettyAuthor Commented:
The reason they have mobile broadband is so daughter can use it at uni and when away from the house.  Yes, maybe they should do away with mobile broadband, get home broadband and she uses wifi hotspots!!  I dare say they are locked into a contract now anyway.

The printer works fine with USB cable connection on the laptop.  it is a brand new printer with no issues.  The USB way is how they are currently using it.

My aim for this hgome set-up is to be able to get both the laptop and the Home PC to be able to use their current mobile broadband connection and their wireles enabled printer together.

What I did find when trying to connect the Dlink 3G Router unit was if the laptop was connected to the Dlink obviously it had a local network connection enabled.  If I then also put the 3G USB device in, the internet would not work as the laptop was looking for the internet on the local area connection.  I am therefore assuming that you can not connect the laptop to both a local area connection (no internet connection on it) and a 3G mobile connection at the same time!!
Hence my reasoning behind trying to configure the Dlink 3G router.  I should be able to ge the 3G router to take on the Telstra 3G devices internet service and share it amongst PC's connected to the 3G router through the local area connection.

Then when they want to go to uni, or away from the home, simply take the 3G USB device out of the router and then they can connect direct through the laptop when away from home.

It sounds like it should be simple, but it now seems all too hard!

There are several problems I see. First off, if mobile broadband the only connection, then the Home PC has no connection whenever the laptop takes the connection away. Many universities provide internet access and some campuses are blanketed with Wifi hotspots.

Next, can you verify that the printer has Wifi and ethernet?

Look at the printer and internet as separate problems. I assume only the laptop has Wifi, while both have ethernet and usb. You may or may not be able to use Wifi on the laptop at the same time as ethernet/usb on the desktop. If you can, you're done. If not, then there are a couple of solutions to sharing the printer by using a wireless router that supports a usb printer (better) or printsharing on the desktop (need to keep it on all the time).

You seem to have the wrong 3G device and the wrong router. A combination that might work better is the Netgear MBR624GU with Sierra AC880U.

If you still want mess with the Dlink DIR-451, wade thru this thread for tips:

mbellettyAuthor Commented:
With this issue I think I had the wrong dlink product for their Telstra Wireless Mobile device.  It seems the Telstra product does not work on all Mobile routers.
I set them up using a home adsl account with dlink G604T

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