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RAID O with Intel Storage Manager. Trouble with one disk: Error Occured

I've got a new a PC setup with a 2 hard disk in RAID0 using Intel Storage Manager.
Everything was ok during the install.
Windows XP SP3 is the OS.
this morning I had a problem: My Windows freezed, and I reboot the PC.
after the reboot, I had an alert from Storage Manager saying that one disk is going down and a failure is being occured.
I have a complete backup of the PC but I'm not sure that this will resolved the problem....
2 Solutions
If you have RAID0 (stripping) and it's reporting that one disk is failing than you should back up your data, test your disk and if it is faulty than replace it. With stripping, if one of your disks dies than you kinda lose all your data.

"RAID 0 (striped disks) distributes data across several disks in a way that gives improved speed and no lost capacity, but all data on all disks will be lost if any one disk fails. Although such an array has no actual redundancy, it is customary to call it RAID 0."
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
As you have a good backup already "I have a complete backup of the PC but I'm not sure that this will resolved the problem...." take out both drives and check them with your HDD vendor made tools. Replace the failing drive and rebuild the RAID. Then restore from backup.
RAID is a good configuration but nowadays when hard drives are cheap and huge in size there is no reasonable need to create RAID configuration. Single HDD plus external USB drive for backup storage serve and good imaging software. This should be enough.
bruno_boccaraAuthor Commented:
I already knew all these information.
Thanks anyway.
It's not clear from your post what the specific error is that you received.  Open the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  From what you stated, I'd expect the array to be shown as "Normal" and one of the member disks to be listed as either "Failed" or "Smart Event Occured."  If it's listed as Failed, this indicates that multiple read and/or write attempts failed to that disk.  You can right-click on the disk to tell the RAID driver to ignore the past events and continue on as if nothing happened.  If you have a SMART event, this indicates that the drive is reporting that it is at increased risk of failure in the near future.  A study done by Google indicated that while there is an increased risk of failure within a few monts after the first SMART event received for a drive, it is not an overall good predictor of hard drive failure.  You can right-click on the drive to tell the RAID driver to ignore this as well.  Of course, either of these conditions indicates a higher likelihood of problems, but may not be cause for panic.  Especially with RAID0, backups for any important data is critical, and it sounds like you've got that covered.
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