how to create a screensaver and push it out using gpo?

The company i work for would like to display company news via screensave so i would like to create the screensaver and push them out via group policy. i saw on gp there is an option to run a screensaver exe name. my question is:

how do i create the screensaver

then how do i get the newly created file onto each client machine

then once that is doen i would assume useing the gpo i could specify the exe location.
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vikasjusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Most of the time Screen saver are generated in flash or general PPT softwares or any other graphics applications. File extension for screen saver is .scr
You need to copy this file to netlogon share of AD server which is accessable for all workstation that is added into domain. In screen saver policy you need to define path of scr file it should be \\domain name\netlogon\file name that's it.
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