Compose a email in a new window on Lotus Notes

I am trying to programmaticaly construct an email on Lotus Notes so that the user can edit the email afterwards. I need the email to be opened in a separate window and not as a tab (See attached picture).
I am using Lotus Notes 8.5. The solution needs to work on Lotus Notes 6 and Lotus Notes 7.

Thanks. Apprecipate the help.
Below is  an example of how I tried to create the email.
var notessession = new ActiveXObject("Notes.Notessession");
        notessession.ConvertMIME = false;
        var notesdb = notessession.GetDatabase("", "");
        notesdoc = notesdb.CreateDocument();
        notesdoc.Form = "Memo";
        notesdoc.Subject = "Test Only";
        workspace = new ActiveXObject("Notes.NotesUIWorkspace");
        workspace.OpenDatabase("", notesdb.FilePath, "($Drafts)");
        documentUI = workspace.EditDocument(true, notesdoc, true, "", true, true);
        notessession.ConvertMIME = true;

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I have lots of examples for composing email using VBA, but there are no settings that will allow you to open a new window in Notes.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Bill, I don't know, but if notessession and workspace are created as two completely independent objects, can you use notesdoc (created using the session) in the EditDocument method (associated with the workspace)??

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>> "if notessession and workspace are created as two completely independent objects, can you use notesdoc (created using the session) in the EditDocument method (associated with the workspace)??"

Yes.  In fact, that's the only way to display an existing document using OLE.  It would be wrong if the session was instantiated using COM (Lotus.NotesSession), and the workspace was created using OLE (Notes.NotesUIWorkspace).
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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
the client preferenes in 8 allow you to use tabs or windows. In 7 you could right-click on a tab and say "open in new window" and it would basically open that message in it's own session of notes. I don't think it was available in 6 so you might be out of luck.
I think it was available in 6, but there has never been a method that we can use to programmatically do this.  I'll be surprised if there is a solution to this.
brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
maybe, don't have a 6 client around to test anymore. I was just going off what was in here...
chinhwAuthor Commented:
Would it possible for me to compose an email without opening a database file? I am asking this because I was able to open a new email in a separate window using MAPI (Mail API). But due to the limited feature provided by MAPI , I have to make use the Lotus Note COM classes.

I have attached a screen capture of the window for your reference. Perhaps, we can derive what could have happened base on the window.
The window in the foreground is opened within 10 seconds and after about 40 to 50 seconds later the window in the background opens.
The window in the foreground contains the email content. The window in the background is the Lotus Notes application.

Note: I did not create the smily in the foreground window. It just happens to be there. Clicking on it does not seems to have any effect

chinhwAuthor Commented:
This is not a solution but it provided a some form of confirmation that what I am trying to do is not possible.
For what it is worth, I think the difference in behaviour between Lotus Notes API and MAPI is just the difference in implemention. The reason for this difference can only be answer by the develoeprs of Lotus Notes.
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