Network Layout Issue (Pic included)

Hi, im trying to setup an unconventional network. It needs to have 3 subnets, we have limited network hardware available and need to co-host the network in 2 seperate rooms (One quiet room for client machines, one noisy server room)
I've included a drawing which should help explain the situation.
In the client room i have multiple client machines on different subnets all patched into the same switch, this switch is connected to an identical switch in the Server Room and again all the servers are connected to the switch.
We also have two laptops connected to the switch in the Server Room.
Both laptops have 2 NICs and are running Shunra Cloud software to allow us to test with reduced bandwidth (Shunra is currently turned off on both laptops)
In the past we have used these laptops as routers and ideally that is what im trying to do again.
At the moment i have been doing my Testing in the Server Lab. Im sat on and i can ping Laptop 2 ( but i cant ping Laptop 1 ( has anyone got any idea why i can't? Laptop 2 can ping Laptop 1 without issue?

Thank you for your help


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QuoriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any reason you're using the laptops as routers?

You've not depicted any sort of external (internet) connectivity within your network, and if there is no layer 2 separation by way of VLAN then you could set the default gateway for each machine to be its own IP address, that way it will ARP for every request and should be able to pick up the other subnets without a router being needed.
Subnet masks on each adapter should all be  Check them first for a typo.
All the machines you are trying to ping are on the same network so they should all talk.  The only other option is unintended firewalls.
Jonesey007Author Commented:
Thanks for the help, im just going into a meeting so i will check and let you know in an hour
Thanks for taking on the question :)
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