VPN on Shared Firewall??

Hi all,

I have a dedicated server located behind my hosting companies shared firewall. I require a VPN setting up to another server and wondered if it is possible for a hosting company to configure this on their shared firewall. If they do say they could do it is there any security risks involved in havving a dedicated VPN tunnel on a shared firewall? Or can it be locked down securely?

I wanted to ask this question here first before I contact the hosting company as I think the company will just try to sell me a dedicated firewall without any consideration.

Many thanks

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It depends on how the providers "shares" the firewall.

If they apply VLANs or separate networks interfaces fro each customer,t hen they should be able to set up VPNs only for your networks.

Yes it does imply some form of security issue just due the shared nature of the firewall but in practice, only traffic to and from your network will get encrypted/decrypted by the firewall


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Agree with deimark....

A properly configured shared firewall shouldn't pose any greater risks than those you would face when you are trusting ANY third party with your security.

It would be interesting to see how they actually implement this, but if they VLAN traffic or if the firewall has separate physical interfaces then it should be ok....
CraglyAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys just the sort of answer i was looking for.
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