How can I upgrade an existing Wn2k server to replicate the first domain controller

Ok guys, this is going to require a lot of help as i am sure i wont remember to say everything you will want to know. I have enherited a bad situation. I have Windows 2000 server, Server "A" which is a file server and hosts AD, DHPC, DNS that is about to die if I reboot it. This is due to a failed drive that when clicking in the dell array manager remotely, I accidentally put the drive back online. (I know, trust me it was truly accidental even with the confirmation of those real late morning deals) Well need less to say I figure well I will let it be since it was only down for (the supposed failed HD) for approximately 6 hours. Well need less to say, I logged into the server today (a week later) and I am getting c: drive is currupt, backupexec files are corrupt. So my guess is the server is screwed if I reboot it, AND the backups havent been working. On the network I have server "B" which has exchange on it and citrix. This server "B" is on the domain but seems to not be replicating AD. And is not being shown in Server "A"'s AD as a Domain Controller. My thoughts are before working on Server "A" and bringing the whole place to its knees, to bring server "B" as a replicator of AD dhcp and what not so the network wont be completely shut down.
Take care to note that I said server "B" has citrix and email on it. When I looked at the AD setup I can add the second server, but it says the process will remove all local accounts if i proceed with the AD setup. This would not be good if it were true as you could imagine people are loggin in via Citrix and from what I can tell the accounts are local on that server("B") Ok so start sending me questions as I am sure I have lots more to tell you but I hope this is a good start in the right direction anyway,
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If server B is hosting exchange and citrix then it is not recommended as it will create lot of issues for both applications. in place of this i will suggest if you have high configuration desktop then build it as AD server, configure DNS and DHCP, move all roles from server A to this machine and then start working on server A,

For Server A if has hardware raid and RAID is Raid 5 or any other raid level except raid 0 then it will not create any issus. Still take care of your files as it is acting as file server also so you need to perform complete backup before reboot of server A.
JolinmanAuthor Commented:
Yes I agree on the backup, but this is where the corruption comes into play. I am not able to open BackupExec due to some data curruption on the C drive. I can only assume that once I placed this failed drive back "online" this messed things up in a bad way. And yes the configuration is a Raid 5 setup within a Dell server  utilizina prec card. I had this issue way back when everyone was using W2k server and it was almost identicle to this issue. Only when I went in to login to the server it bsod on me and I was not able to get any backups prior nor was there a secondary server for AD. I am trying to minimize the catastrophy comming my way. I am not sure of what I am going to be able to do as the there are error windowss popping up saying the cannot read from c drive due to data corruption. Try running chkdsk....... well you cant runn that unless you reboot(go figure)...
Ok in this case i suggest you to follow setup new dc on good hardware. Since server B is exchange and citrix it is not recommended to make it as DC. You can check following options
Go for different hardware and configure it as DC. You must check this as it has to replicate from failing DC that is server A.  Once new system is promoted as DC you can move roles to new system.
If you face problems in promoting new DC as it may not be able to sync with Server A you can use last system state backup if any and build server with that. you need to use dcpromo /adv switch where in it will ask you for system state backup. (If system state backup is old then you need to figure out number of users added since last system state backup and recreate all of them which can be challenge)

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