mail issue with exchange 2007

I have one user on an exchange 2007 server that cannot email another person on the same server.

There is no bounce back and the mail works and is received from user1 to user2 but user2 to user1 doesn't work.

Everyone else can email everyone else on the server. even if you reply to the email it still doesnt go thru

anyone have any ideas?
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durgeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turned out the user had setup a rule to move to a certain folder. We was both using OWA basic in firefox and could not see the mail being moved into this folder.
Steven WellsSystems AdministratorCommented:
have you tried looking at message tracking from the exchange troubleshooting tools?

That would be a good place to start. It sounds very strange.
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
Is there any deny in the user's properties? Mail Flow Settings tab -> Message Delivery Restrictions.
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