Unable to Launch Sophos after running the SID on XP Platform

I am imaging few PCs and after the Image I have neen required to run SID Generator to re-name the PC. After Having ran the SID, I have come to notice that I am unable to launch the Sophos Anti-virus.

I received an error that 'I do not have sufficient priviledges to run the Sophos anti-virus main application'. I have checked that I am in the correct group which I am (sophos Administrator), but still no Joy.

I also stopped the sophos services and then ran the SID, but still made no Differnce.

I then went to the sophos website (http://www.sophos.com/support/knowledgebase/article/28591.html) and applied the fix to the image as intructed and still no joy.

Please VIEW ATTACHMENT for further insight.

Can you please help and point me to the rigt direction to fix such issue, without me having to re-install Sophos all over again

Kind Regards
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warturtleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
citytemp1Author Commented:
The instruction provided is the repeat of what I have tested and tried and had no joy, as mentioned in the attachment

But I managed to find an alternative solution by myself. thanks for trying


citytemp1Author Commented:
Yes it is easy to understand as that is the solution i applied previously, which i originally was having issue with.

alternative solution find myself
Is it possible to post the solution that you found, so that I can learn more about it and possibly help someone else with a similar problem in future?
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