Polycom VSX with Codian ISDN Gateway 3200 series

We have two Polycom VSX units (an 8000 and a 7000), both IP only.

We want to make and receive calls on ISDN, so we've ordered a Tandberg Codian ISDN Gateway 3241and an ISDN circuit.

We have no call manager or "gatekeeper" in place.

I have very little experience with video conferencing systems but it looks like I'm going to be tasked with putting this solution together - as the chump engineer. Is what we want to do possible with the equipment we've ordered, and I guess my next question is; how does one configure the Polycom units to "talk" to the ISDN gateway and visa versa?
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Configuring the System to Use a Gateway
A gateway performs code and protocol conversion between H.323 (IP), SIP,
and H.320 (ISDN), so that users on different networks can call one another. If
the system is configured to use a gateway, you must also configure it to use a
To configure the system to use a gateway:
1. Go to System > Admin Settings > Network > IP > H.323 Settings.
2. Select (arrow) two or three times and configure these settings on the
Gateway screen:
Associating prefixes and suffixes with particular bandwidths on your
gateway can optimize the use of bandwidth by your organization. Be sure
the gateway is configured to use the same prefixes and suffixes you define
for the system.

Setting Description:
Country Code Specifies the country code for the systems location.
Area Code Specifies the area or city code for the systems location.
Number Specifies the gateways number.
H.323 Extension
Specifies the extension that identifies this system for incoming
gateway calls.
The default H.323 Extension can be changed.
Number Type
Specifies the number type users enter to call this system:
" Direct Inward Dial  Users enter an internal extension to
call this system directly.
Note: If you choose this setting, you must also register
the number with the gatekeeper as an E.164 alias.
" Number + Extension  Users enter the gateway number
and the systems extension to call this system.
Number of
Digits in DID
Specifies the number of digits in the DID number.
The national or regional dialing plan for your location
determines the standard number of digits. For instance, the
US standard is 7 digits.
Number of
Digits in
Specifies the number of digits in the extension used when
Direct Inward Dial is selected.
Your organizations dial plan determines this number.
3. Select (arrow) and enter a prefix or suffix for each bandwidth you want to
allow for gateway calls.
jonhicksAuthor Commented:
Copy and pasting from the manual really doesn't help me...
You would need to verify this with Tandberg / codian.

the gateway would come in-built with a gatekeeper, all you would need to do is configure the Gateway to accept registration and define the dial plan.

on the Polycoms,you would need to enable gatekeeper regsitration and provide the IP address of the codian box.


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jonhicksAuthor Commented:
Thanks. We've not purchased the box now but what you say makes sense.
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