IBM DS3000 - How do I change the System Memory Cache Battery

Hi Experts,

I Need to Change the Cache Battery on one of the Controllers for AN IBM DS3000. There is probably nothing wrong with the battery, but its two years old and an Alert shows up saying that it needs to be replaced. Ive ordered a replacement battery (IBM 39R6519) and I am now ready to replace it.

Has anyone done this before? Is it as simple as ...


1) Under Support > Manage Controllers > Place Controller Online or Offline. Set Controller A (Which is the controller with the Old Battery) Offline.

2) At the back of the DS3000 Pulling out Controller A

3) Relpace the Battery, and replace the Controler

4) Place the Controller back online

5) Reset the Battery's Age in DS Storage Manager under .. Tools > Change Battery Setting

I Have Attached a Storage Array Profile.txt if any other information is needed.

Many Thanks

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WeanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Everyone,

Spoke to an IBM Engineer on the weekend and he said that in order to change the battery, i need to bring the system down. He also advised me to do a battery test using the Management console, the battery automaticaly discharges every 13 weeks, to prolong battery length, and so as the system can test how long it takes to charge the battery to see if it old and dying or if it is still fine. My test came out fine and the battery was still optimum. I have reset the battery age in the Console so as to remove the Alert, and i will Wait for a Maintenence window to replace the battery as is is not urgent.

If anyone would like some more reading on this system these documents were quite helpfull:

Redbook for DS3400 

Installation, User's, and Maintenance Guide - IBM System Storage DS3400 

Battery information: 
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