Cannot access localhost nor in IE and Firefox

Just recently, probably after some Windows update (I'm not sure) I can no longer access my Apache server on port 80 by entering in IE (6.0 SP3) nor in FireFox (3.0.10) on my laptop.

 IE displays a "page not found" error about server or DNS not being found, whereas Firefox says nothing. I can access the full internet (via my LAN and router) without the slightest problem. I have also checked that %SYSTEM32%/Drivers/etc/Hosts has a localhost entry (which at first it didn't - just an empty file, so it MUST have been updated or overwritten).

When I telnet localhost 80 and type the GET request, Apache replies OK, and from outside everything works fine.

But locally I cannot access port 80 via HTTP

Any ideas?
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Go to a command prompt and type:

netstat -rn

Publish the results.

You can also completely reset your TCP/IP configuration by going to a cmd prompt and do the following:

netsh interface reset all <enter>

BigRatAuthor Commented:
C:\temp>netstat -rn

0x1 ........................... MS TCP Loopback interface
0x10003 ...00 16 36 a1 7e b3 ...... Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NI
C - Paketplaner-Miniport
Aktive Routen:
     Netzwerkziel    Netzwerkmaske          Gateway   Schnittstelle  Anzahl
       20       1       20       20       20       20       1
Ständige Routen:

BigRatAuthor Commented:
What is interesting is that ping localhost or ping works OK, the same when I do a telnet localhost 80 and enter a GET request. All OK. Moreover when I use a bit of Delphi code and open an internet connection using InternetOpen/InternetOpenUrl/InternetREadFile that all works perfectly. Only IE and FireFox don't, and I've just upgraded to IE 8.0!
BigRatAuthor Commented:
This has turned out to be a Trojan which was sucessfully removed by the Malwarebytes free program.

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