Automate unix disk mounting on windows

I am mounting a Unix disk on Windows 2003 server. For this I installed services for unix and run mount \\\vol\vol_prod\domino_ste f:
The drives maps as F: in windows server. After that I run Domino server. The files of Domino resides on F:

When server restarts the drives unmount and I have to manually mount it.

I want the drive should mount automatically and then nserver.exe (domino servers) should run.

For that I have created a BAT file. The details of Batch is as follows:

mount \\\vol\vol_prod\domino_ste f:

CD C:\Lotus\Domino

When I schedule a task to run this batch file on system startup. I do not get results.

But when i schedule this task to run at logon it works.

I can not schedule it to run at logon because it does not serve my purpose. The Domino server will not start if servers restrat for any reason. I have to manually intervine.

Is there any way to auto mount disk and then start domino.

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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
The UNIX disk is not shared using Samba, i.e. as a Windows disk? That would allow you to use NET USE instead of MOUNT.

Did you use absolute paths, like for the MOUNT utility? In case it cannot be found using the PATH variable?

By the way, I think this is not a good solution, to use a shared disk for Domino. You'll be in a lot of trouble if the Unix server suddenly goes down, or if there are network problems:  ALL (open) database might get corrupted! Domino keeps a delayed-write cache, so count your blessings...
STNoidaAuthor Commented:
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