access denied to shares after migration server 2008.

After giving full  permissions to my users in order for them to access their shares still some can have access to their shares but cannot create ,copy or paste on the subfolders even though they can open the the foldres in the shares.

thats the error message when they want to
create folder 'unable to create folder', access is denied,
Copy or paste ' cannot copy (file name ) access is denied ,make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use

These shares were being used also on 2003 OS before installing 2008 on the same machine
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tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

The most likely problem is you have a permissions issue. Windows Shares have two sets of permissions - they have the Share level permissions and then the NTFS file level permissions.

The analogy I use is of a house. The files are stored inside a safe in the house. If you have the share permissions, you have access to the front door of the house. If you have the NTFS permissions, you have the key to the safe and can open it to access your files. You therefore need appropriate share and NTFS permissions granted in order to access the data remotely via the shared object.

I would suggest the usual culprit as being 'Everyone' having only Read writes at the Share level. Go to the shared folder, edit its Sharing properties. Press 'Advanced Sharing', approve the UAC elevation prompt if required, then click the Permissions button. Remove any entries you see then add 'Everyone' and grant 'Full Control'.

Since users require both Share and NTFS permissions, it is recommended to simply allow everyone full control at the share level, then control access at the NTFS level. This is because NTFS permissions are much more granular.

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