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Hi expert I am new to using eHealth concord. I have a new task of monitoring a network using concord. Please assist me with some base things I need to do as a network engineer monitoring network for performance issue.
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Could you be a little more specific with your request?

1. what types of network elements are you monitoring?
2. what types of nodes are your pollers?
3. Are you using e-health suite?
4. how many network nodes are you monitoring?
5. Are you also using sysedge for servers?
6. Is the infrastructure already setup?

....these are the types of questions that would allow us to provide a much more accurate response to your inquiry.

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rcollieAuthor Commented:
Hi Expert,
The network is already setup this is a new position I am taking on. Company has 10 office location using T1. I would like to be able to use concord and be very proactive such as monitoring bandwidth utilization and been able to see when a office circuit would need to be upgraded. I basically need some pointers on how one should manage a network of this size but only have concord ehealth to work with
well, it sounds like eHealth is a bit overkill for your environment, (my last company used eHealth to monitor over 60,000 routers and switches)  but if the investment is already there, then you at least on a scalable platform.  With ehealth, one if it's merits is with "out of the box" features and it's ability to poll and discover a network. The hard part comes in to play when creating custom mibs and agents, which won't  always show up in the reports.  Here are some tips for successful network managment.

1. make sure you have set up a secure SNMP private "community" for the traps as well.  
2. Centralize configuration management/storage whenever possible
3. Make sure you set up daily TOP network reports that are automatically delivered.
4. Centralize access management via TACACS, RADIUS, or some other acccess management platform
5. Make sure to include reporting for CSU/DSU elements (which eHealth should still be able to do)
5. Keep a close eye on interface statistics such as late collisions, congestion, etc..
6. Highly recommend employing sysedge to integrate server monitoring.
7. Budget permitting, run eHealth and pollers on Solaris

 Also,The following two links below should be useful to you
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