Advantages of IBM HTTP Server Over Default Http Transport In Websphere App Server 6.1


We have an environment of WAS Standalone Server V6.1 with one application installed on it on windows environment.

Now, we are able to access the application through http://<host-name>:9080/<app-name>

So, I recommended the client to install and configure IBM HTTP Server on the same machine.

So that we can access the application using the URL http://<host-name>:8080

Now, they asked me whats the main benefit of using IBM HTTP Server on the same machine as
we don't have any kind of clustered environment and don't need much load balancing as well.

I have found the advantages of using HTTP Server you can see the link below

So, is there any other advantage of using IBM HTTP Server for WAS Standalone Server V6.1 which has only one application on it???

Please advice !!!!!!!!!!!

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Well one advantage would be if you allowed it to listen on port 80, then users would not need to enter the port number.

If you never plan to cluster or never plan to install another application, then there is really no advantage that I am aware of.
HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:
Well, that is a reasonable answer, but they forgot 1 important little point.

If you are using a stand-alone Application Server without a web server & plug-in, it is not supported.  So, don't plan on calling IBM technical support with a problem... They will first ask you to recreate the issue with a web server & plug-in in place.

Another thing is that the embedded web server (i.e., the portion of the AppServer that is listening on the specified port(s) for HTTP(S) is not a complete web server.  The comment / description to which you refer kind of alludes to that, but doesn't say it straight out.

So, it is not only a "good idea", it is a best practice for you to use a web server & plug-in in front of your AppServer.

Are there instances when you can get by without one?  Sure.  Mostly during application testing though.  Just to do a sanity check that the application is going to respond to the requests in the expected / proper fashion.

If fact, if you use the Rational Application Developer (RAD) environment with a WebSphere Test Environment (WTE), it only uses the embedded HTTP server to access the resources.  So, while you test your application in a RAD WTE, the request are going directly to the AppServer HTTP(s) port, not through a web server & plugin.

Does this help?
Here is the anwser your looking for.  

Reason 1:
When deploying a costly application server you may want to optimize the performance of the server.   So by placng a seperate HTTP server on a seperate server you can manage hits for resources like images, JS, CSS, HTML and other static files from the cheaper server.  Then proxy dynamic page requests to the more costly application server.

Reason 2:
When building out your infrastructure you decide to build a control domain, commonly known as a DMZ where there is a firewall between the internet and the HTTP Server with another (Second) firewall between the HTTP Server and the application server.  this provide the second FW server the ability to target the source of the IP rule to the HTTP Server.

That said IBM HTTP Server is simply Apache HTTP Server.

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HonorGodSoftware EngineerCommented:

> IBM HTTP Server is simply Apache HTTP Server.

More accurate:

IBM HTTP Server is simply Apache HTTP Server plus some IBM specific modules (e.g., ORB, security (SSL), etc.)
Very True HonorGod.
WASAdmin25Author Commented:
WASAdmin25Author Commented:
Thank you so much  for your comments !!!!!!!!!!!!
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