My Documents Folder Redirection not working with Group Policy windows 2003 server

My Documents Folder Redirection not working with Group Policy
I have a OU called Mydocstest a GPO linked to it called MYdocs with folder redirection setup
I have a security group called MydocsGroup and a user called TEST that is a member of MydocsGroup,and the MydocsGroup resides in the Mydocstest OU, The Policy does not get applied to the user TEST,but if i move the user TEST from users over to the Mydocstest OU
the policy works for user TEST! so basicly the security group with the user as a member does not work  i have to have move the user to the OU for the Folder redirection to work! anyone know why? i need to be able to use groups!
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bluntTonyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can't see the picture as I'm on EE mobile, but the problem in your original question is that group policy is applied to users and computers, not groups. You can't place a group in an OU, apply a group policy to it and expect the members of that group to recive the policy. It doesn't work like that. You have to apply it to an OU holding the users.

If you want to apply it to just the members of a group, apply the GPO to the OU holding all of your users, but use security filtering to ensure only members of the group have permission to read and apply it...

In the GPMC, on the Scope tab for the GPO, remove 'Authenticated Users' from the security filtering section, and add your security group. The GPO will only then apply to the members of that group. Although the GPO is applying to all the users in the OU, only the members of the group have permission to read and apply it.
Make sure your folder is set as shown in the picture
Redirection should be set as shown
farmers1Author Commented:
After changing the  settings from the pic,it's still not working!
Gpresult  /v   shows that GPO is not being applied!
farmers1Author Commented:
Thanks,that did the trick!
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