PDF file is damaged after each scan to network folder.

Tough one here to figure out.

We have a HP M4345 scanning via Digital Scanning for a year with no problems. The setup was configured via the web interface and we do not use the software. We scan to one network folder on a 2003 server with full everyone permissions for sharing and security. The user setup for the public folder is the administrator of the domain. When we scan we have access to the folder but file arrives damaged and the size is always 125 KB. Every once and awhile I get a file thru and it will be 600 kb or so depending on amount of pages. I have spent a large anmount of time troubleshooting and feel I have covered most scenerios. Please help me look at it a different way.

These are the troubleshooting steps I have taken all producing the same result of damage file arriving at shared folder location (always 125 KB).

Reset M4345 to Factory Defaults and upgrade firmware.

Used both IP and UNC path.

Created another folder on the server with different name and path.

Created folder on a workstation bypassing server.

Changed NTLM to NTLM V2

Restarted server and turned off firewall.

Restarted switches and router in case of frozen device or bad packets.

Please help.
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mburke3434Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for being the only person to respond in 4 different question tries of this scenerio (odd since I have asked 100's of questions with many different accounts and never had no replys). The very first thing I did was reinstall adobe. Then I attempted to scan to tiff also switched the delivery folder to a desktop and had the same results. Currently why we are troubleshooting I set up a cannon imageclass that scans with no problem to the same folder via USB connection to a workstation.

I believe that either the Jetdirect Nic is bad or that there is a bad board in the machine itself.....wish me luck.

Gonna close this and give you points for effort. Thank You.
Naser GabajConnect With a Mentor E&P Senior Software SpecialistCommented:
I suggest two options:

Your server is infected with Virus that damage all *.pdf Files. therefore, you need to scan it again.
Your Acrobat installation is corrupted and you need to un-install it and then re-install it again.


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