Programmically connect to 32bit ODBC DSN from 64bit Windows

I need to use a 32bit ODBC DSN connection from Window 2008 64bit.   I have created a DSN using  C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe     I do not have a 64bit driver for our progress database until 6-8 months from now. (fyi if I get it now it cost us $2500, if I wait until we upgrade our ERP system then its free)

In my code I have it just like the way I connecto to DSN on a 32bit server.

 public static string strODBCConn = "DSN=Nxt;UID=SYSPROGRESS;PWD=XXX;";

    public DataSet FillDataSetODBC(string strSQLCmd, string strTable, String strODBCConn)
        // return a filled dataset.
        DataSet myDS = new DataSet();
        OdbcDataAdapter DBAdapt = new OdbcDataAdapter();

        //Set up the data adapter...
        DBAdapt = new OdbcDataAdapter(strSQLCmd, strODBCConn);
        //Fill the dataset
        DBAdapt.Fill(myDS, strTable);
        return myDS;


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Basically, if your driver does not work on 64 bit windows, then you won't be able to do it through code either.

To find out whether your driver works and can connect to the datasource, can you add a connection in the Servers windows in VS? Or can you go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources to create a connection (after which you can take the connection string and copy it to your application, which should "just work").
EdwardAuthor Commented:
I discovered what I need to so..  I have to complie my program to target CPU x86.   Project Properties -> Complie -> Advanced Complie Options -> Change Target CPU from Any (default) to x86.

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Sounds feasible. So the driver you were using was working on the x64 system. Good :-)
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