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I'm about to set up a remote office, and connect the 2 via a 10mb ethernet VPN link. All the servers, domain controllers and shared data will eb located at the main site. Do you recommend setting up another domain controller at the remote office too? is there any benefit from doing this? also, is there a way i can cache documents at the remote site, so it's quicker to open shared folders etc? would this also provide redundancy if the link goes down?

Thanks, Gavin
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Yes, and yes. Setting up a second domain controller is a good idea in case you have your VPN tunnel go down for an extended period of time. You can setup DFS for sharing folders to make access faster from each end and the flies can replicate changes between multiple server.

A link for DFS:

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You can also configure an additinal DC so as to save the problem of link down and configure replication on the adc to have faster service and data.
If you use roaming profiles at all the second domain controller will help in faster logins so that it does not have to pull the profile from the remote server as well.
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Gavin5511Author Commented:
no, we don't use roaming profiles, but i'm thinking, i could buy a domain controller with ton's of storage and use it for DFS too. Good idea?
That would work out just fine. The system requirements aren't very demanding for a DC or file server, so if you have an old server around that you can add some extra drive in for storage you may not even need to purchase a new server.
Gavin5511Author Commented:
Thanks guys, DFS is the way forward. Thanks for all your help.
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