Microsoft Dynamics Crm vs Nav

after 3 calls to microsoft and getting the ring a around im wondering if someone can answers some very simple questions

What is the difference between nav and crm versions of dynamics?

If someone has customized nav could it be used in crm?

Does anyone have any part numbers for nav or crm?
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crm_infoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We're a CRM partner and have had some dealings with NAV, so I'll try to answer an few of your questions.

As peralesa said, CRM is a customer relationship management application (main purpose is for Sales, Marketing and Service management - but it is also highly configurable to do other things including quoting, ordering, invoicing, service contract management, partner management, customer portal management, etc).  NAV, which I certainly know less about, is an ERP system (made for handling general ledger, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory, etec).  I understand that NAV also has a very limited CRM capability built in.

From your description, it sounds like you have a client who has NAV, and not CRM.  They spent a lot getting NAV customized and feel that they could re-sell that value to other potential customers.  In the world of Microsoft, this is what you would call a "verticalization" with the application.  If they wanted to pursue this, they would need to sell:
* NAV licenses
* SQL licenses
* Then sell the customizations on top of this

You couldn't sell the customizations independent of NAV (unless, possibly, some of the customizations were created as stand-alone apps - but that would be unusual).  So it's a pretty significant sales pitch to resell these customizations because (assuming they do not already have NAV) they would also have to be sold on migrating their entire accounting system over to a new product.  It can be done, but you need to target pretty carefully to find your market.
Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you been on the Microsoft Dynamics website?  There are videos and demos of each of the products capabilities...
the bigger question is what line of business are you in and what are you trying to accomplish?
CRM is customer relationship, track sale opportunites and possible business sales force automation.
NAV is more ERP and product line orientated.
v46nAuthor Commented:
i have a customer who has NAV and paid some large dollars to have it customized to thier industry. They want to sell the customizations to another company(s) and since they cant sell the licence i was just looking to see what requirements the other customer(s) would need.

Looking at their original invoice they purchased Foundation pack, sql server 2005 runtime licences and dynamics licences. This company had 35 users where they others will be much smaller, (3-5)

I just wanted to see if this was feasible and what the best option would be.
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v46nAuthor Commented:
Interesting, i wasnt sure if the customizations were only for nav or if they could be used for crm without the accounting functionality. CRM seems to be less expensive then nav and for that smaller 3-5 user company if we could use crm then all the better. Sorry for the beginner questions i have a copy of dynamics in my action pack just havent had anytime to use it.
You may be able to reengineer the customizations to work only with CRM.  Remember that "Dynamics" is really the name of a whole product line that includes both NAV and CRM ... you probably have CRM in your Action Pack, but I don't think it comes with NAV.
v46nAuthor Commented:
hmm,, that is very interesting, just any customizations to do with accounting or areas that arent included in crm would be missing i assume
Yes that is true.  Although CRM does have some accounting functions built in (quotes, orders, invoices, service contracts, hourly service tracking) and is easy enough to customize that you can add more if desired.
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