demo laptop with VM fails host-to-VM connectivity when no network

I'm running Windows Server on a VM within a VISTA laptop host, using bridged networking (fixed IP addresses) on the VM. Laptop also has a fixed IP address. Task involves browser on host hitting windows IIS server on VM. I'm normally using buillt-in wireless on laptop.

The demo (host to VM IIS) fails when there is no wireless network connection (which is crunch demo time). I can easily duplicate this by turning off the wireless hardware. What's the procedure get the host-VM communications going under this network-less situation ?

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Todd MummertCommented:

Use a host-only network, rather than bridged.  In bridged, if the physical network adapter goes down, you'll lose all connections.   You should be able to use NAT as well, though I haven't set up a demo machine to use that.   In host-only, the host->guest network is self-contained.

You can change this in Edit > Virtual Machine Settings.   May have to make sure it's enabled on the host side as well in Network Connections.

CurriculumAuthor Commented:
I'll check that out. One issue though: will host-only still allow me to hit the VM's IIS server by IP at its static IP address from another machine when I am on the LAN ?
Todd MummertCommented:

No, it will not... you can set up two networks on the VM.   One on the host-only network, and one bridged.   Then when contacting the VM host, use a hostname that is resolved in your hosts file to the IP on the host-only network.    

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