image spam Filtering in IMF?

I still seem to get spam with images for viagra and stuff like that. Is there a way in IMF to stop this? Are there any programs like IMF Tune that I can get for free?
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SurajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
a smap is a spam.. nothng to do with images.. first we need to see why are the spams comming..

First lets stop the Spams :
check if the server is open for relay. properties of Default smtp virtual server ->access tab--> relay
you should have the first option selected there.
and then do the following :

follow this :
1) fist and the formost thing is to enable all the spam filterings on the exchange server :

--> On the properties of Message Delivery under Global Settings in the Recipients Filtering tab checked the 'Filter recipients who are not in the directory'
--> On the Sender Filtering tab checked the 'Filter messages with blank sender'
-->  On the Connection Filtering tab added a rule in the Block List Service Configuration as a display name of Spam Haus, DNS suffix of and on the return status code clicked on the Match filter rule to any of the filter responses and added the IP address from to with an exception
of, and
-->  On the IMF tab changed the Gateway Blocking Configuration threshold to 7 and Archive When blocking messages and the Store Junk Email Configuration threshold to 6
-> then go to properties of default smtp virtual server--> general tab-->advance button--> edit--> and check mark all the filters except sender id filtering.................

-> enable tarpeting through the registry path :
-> NOW we wil add a regustry key so that if the spammer is using any kind of script exchange will break it....HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SMTPSVC\Parameters and added a deword value TarpitTime and gave it a value of 5.

2) now stop the SMTP service. and go to "C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot location and rename Mailroot to MailrootOLD.
3) restart SMTP...... check the mail flow and monitor the queues......

jamie177Author Commented:
Thanks for the detailed help!

I did the steps you instructed, however I couldn't rename the MailRoot folder. It said it was in use, access denied. This was after I stopped the smtp service in system manager.

I'm going to sit back and see if this works. I'll keep you updated.
for renaming the mailroot.. u need to stop the smtp service first.. and then do it

Cool ! i will wait
jamie177Author Commented:
Yes, I stopped it but it didn't let me.

It seems to be working a bit but they are still coming through, just not as much.
jamie177Author Commented:
Worked pretty good. Thanks.
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