Printers slow through VPN tunnel

We have 3 networked printers at our satellite office located about 300 miles away, that are installed on our local server. The printers are printing slow and I need the best solution to make them print instantaneously at that office. Anyone have suggestions?
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CyberLexConnect With a Mentor Commented:

If I understand you correctly, the remote office users are sending the printjobs through the vpn tunnel to your local printserver, thus then the server is again transmitting that job through vpn back to the remote office's printer?

Depends on what infrastructure you are using, if you are using windows terminal server/citrix, take a look at ThinPrint, it's not for free but works very well. If the users at the remote office have fat clients, install the printer driver on their pcs directly and print directly to the printers ip address and dont take a roundtrip over the server.
Can you try giving the remtoe printer a real IP address (1:1 Nat on the firewall) then printing to THAT IP rather than through the tunnel? (But it won't help if  it's just big job transfer time that is the issue.)

What is the nature of the print jobs? If they're Postscript and/or lots of photos, then the job files are large and they simply will take time to transfer. In which case the best you can do is to set the queue up so it won't start to process one of these jobs until the entire job is ready in the queue (normally print queues will send the start of the job to the printer as soon as they have Page 1, but in this case, that means all the local users' jobs will have to wait for the entire remote job to arrive before they move on. If the remote job doesn't START to unspool until the entire job is in the queue, then the remote job will still take a long time start to finish, but other people can be using the printer in the mean time, which I'm guessing is the main cause of complaint?

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