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please I need good software for changing the voice. I need perfect one.

Please help

I am using Windows vista
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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Personally I find that Fred's approach above makes me sound like a member of the Brisish Royal Family, so my preference is to use broken pieces of spaghetti instead of marbles.  It gives my voice a kind of dangerous sounding "edge", similar to Joe Pesci.  Substitute the sharpness of the pasta bits for a wad of cotton wool and you have an instant "just been to the dentist" Marlon Brando growl.  Wrap a comb in paper and hold it against your mouth when talking, and you have a great instant 50's Sci-Fi sound.  Connect an old internal PC speaker instead of a microphone and shout into it, and you have a fantastic Lo-Fi sound like an ancient wind-up gramophone playing a 78rpm "vinyl" record.  For a really spacial "foreign" sound, like the invented languages used for mutated alien types in Hollywood films, you can record to the Windows Sound Recorder, then add echo and play it backwards.

Seriously though, when using the phone to blackmail people or demand ransoms, my preference is to record my voice and then use various free plugin effects available in Audacity to modify it so that nobody will be able to prove it was me.  Once modified with effects, just export the new audio content back out to your chosen audio format.

There are some pitch and speed changing VST plugins that work very well.

If working with *.mp3 files with Audacity, you need the "lame_enc.dll" mp3 encoder.  On first use, you can tell Audacity where to find the DLL files, so it's usually best to just copy the DLL file into the Audacity program folder or its "plugins" folder.

I have attached an example *.MP3 file containing a tiny section of a famous American female entertainer in which I used Audacity's Pitch Changer effect in 3 stages to simulate Testosterone supplements.  Just save and rename the file, changing the .TXT extension to .MP3.  Have fun :-)

MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
Change the voice of what?
mb4everAuthor Commented:
Hello MerijnB,

I want to record my voice for something . but I want to change my voice . like a " mask " :)

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MerijnBConnect With a Mentor Sr. Software EngineerCommented:
Do you want to just make it unrecognizable, or change it to something realistic?
fredshovelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I personally use the Darth Vader voice changer or record from the bottom of my filled bathtub with a mouth full of marbles . The hardest part is keeping the microphone dry.
mb4everAuthor Commented:
Thanks all :)
Hey BillDL, has this achievement plunged EE to an all time low?
Thank you mb4ever.

Hey, don't listen to fredshovel.  He's just jealous of my professionally modified Shania Twain clip :-)
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