Can't send email - Messasges stuck in queue - Exchange 2000

I've been having a major problem with my exchange server since yesterday. I can't send any email outside the network, I've tried everyting I can think of. Please help
Here's what I tried so far:
Checked event viewer
checked services running
pinged dns
verified all settings
restarted smtp
restarted server
I don't really know what else to do. Everyting was working great and it just stopped. No new software installed or any other chages.
Running SBS 2000 with Exchange 2000
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cmccallConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is it giving as a reason?  If you highlight the queue on your exchange server and look at the bottom it will tell you something about it.  Can't connect to remote server, etc...  In the meantime, a few things to try.

Try to send a message manually.  Send message to external test account (i.e.
1)  Open cmd prompt
2)  nslookup
3)  Set type=mx
5)  Copy the first mx record
6)  telnet 25
7)  ehlo (fqdn of your smtp virtual server)
8)  mail
9)  rcpt
10) data
11)  Test message. blah blah blah
12)  . (a single period on it's own line submits the message)
13)  quit
See if the message is delivered.

Are you able to resolve external DNS?  Are you using a smarthost for mail delivery?  Have you been blacklisted.  (
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