How do I write the equivalent of SETB 53h in 68000 assembly code? SETB 53h is 8051 assembly code.

SETB 53h sets one bit in the user's program memory. But how do I do the same in 68000 assembly language?
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HooKooDooKuConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Based on this previous question I found regarding what SETB 53h does on the 8051... appears to me that SETB sets individual bits at absolute RAM address 20h to 2Fh.  Specifically, SETB 53h would set the 4th bit of the 11th byte in this range, or the 4th bit of absolute address 2Bh

I have not been able to find how to do the exact same thing with the 68000.  I have found this...
...but I don't have enough experience to properly interpret the syntax.  But it appears that the 68000 has a BSET command.  As a best guess, I'm thinking the command...
BSET $2B,4
...would set the 4th bit at memory address 2Bh
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