RedHat Linux 5. Bash Shell for regular user vs root...what does it mean? what are the differences?

I don't understand the concept of PATH or what it does for you.  Can anyone explain?   Is it linking me to other directories so that I can use the tools within those directories without having to cd to that directory itself?  Does it give me permissions to perform tasks?  I dont get it.  Thanks.
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epochassetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
its referring to an environment variable.  The 'path' environment var is a list of directories that will be checked for programs when an exact location is not already known.  For example, you run a command in the terminal, it searches the locations in the path var to find an instance of the program for the command you ran, and executes it from there.
This of course, if it didnt already find what you tried to run in the directory you were already in.
BTW, its really no more special than that.
Sp0ckyAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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