Group based quotas in Windows Server 2008

Is there any way in Server 2008 to set up quotas based on a user's group membership? What I would like to do is give members of mydomain\teachers a 500 mb quota and members of mydomain\students a 100 mb quota. Is this possible?
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SirtenKenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you have all the students under one folder and all the teachers under another?
\\server\teachers\teacher2 etc.

If you can set it up this way, two separate autoquotas can be made, which will have the desired effect.
The autoquota for the teachers folder will be 500mb and the one for studnets will be 100mb. New folders will receive these quotas when they are created, at account creation time. You would also need to modify the templates used to create new accounts.

I had to put quotas on hundreds of users at different levels and found the GUI more than capable of handling multiple selection changes. If it is easy to visually identify the teachers, applying the quotas manually shouldn't take too long.

For doing the quotas by group, you can have a script run the dirquota command (in code snippet) based on group membership, but then you'll still have to manually change the quotas when new members arrive.
dirquota quota modify /path:<Path> [/sourcetemplate:<TemplateName>]    [/limit:<Limit>[kb | mb | gb]] [/type:{hard | soft}]    [/status:{enabled | disabled}] [/reset-peakusage]    [/add-threshold:<Level>] [...] [/delete-threshold:<Level>] [...]    [/modify-threshold:<OldLevel>,<NewLevel>] [...]    [/add-notification:<Level>,<NotifyType>,<ConfigFile>] [...]    [/delete-notification:<Level>,<NotifyType>] [...]    [/modify-notification:<Level>,<NotifyType>,<ConfigFile>] [...]    [/remote:<ComputerName>]

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zgreenAuthor Commented:
So I assume by your answer, quotas based on group membership are not possible.

I may have to do a scripting solution as you suggested, but I was just hoping for the much more simple and logical solution of having quotas based on group membership.

Thanks for the help.
zgreenAuthor Commented:
His answer is the answer; just not the answer I was hoping for.
Glad I could help, zgreen.
Many more applications are using the logical solution of checking for membership in a group so as to centralize management to Active Directory. We can hope that MicroSoft will add this feature at some point. I'm glad they finally got it right and have quotas based on folder rather than on owner, which never worked that well. Of course, Novell's Netware was doing this 10 years ago.

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