Problem running duplicate print servers on network?

Hello -
The company needs to migrate to a new print server but I would like to leave the original, 'old' printerver in production, while I gradually migrate groups of users to the 'new' print server.

Will there be any problem with restoring the .CAB file, created by Print Migrator 3.1, to the 'new' printserver and leaving the 'old' server in production until all clients are transitioned over to new server?

I am concerned that a complete cutover to the new printserver will cause more difficulty than a slow migration of batches of users to new print server.  Users have Roaming Profiles, connecting to a Citrix Presentation Server farm - printing is anything but seamless, even on a good day...

Thanks for your insight!
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No, there should be no problems. The Print Migrator just lets you move over the drivers and shares of one server to another one.
You can restore the cab, test the new print server as long as you feel like you need to, then take all the time you need to move the users over to the new print server.

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I would argue that this is actually the preferred/suggested practice. The two Pritn servers will not have any conflict with each other. The reasoning behind this is the users will only point to one server at a time per printer. In a 40+ printer environment, my migrations is also taking well over 2 weeks now. We are also using Roaming Profiles, and the only problem that I ran into is 64bit vs 32bit server mismatch. The source server was a 32bit, and the destination server was a 64bit. Watch out for that.

Other than that, after creating the .CAB file and transferring all the printers to the destination server, I am now altering the user's profiles to simply point to the new server. Once all users are pointing to the new server, I will still keep the old server around for another few weeks.

So far I am not seeing any conflicts at all. As a matter of fact, I am thankful that the old server is still there. I had to revert some users to point to the old server due to driver conflicts.
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