Exchange 2003 Problems with Meeting 2007 items

I have noticed an increased problem with messages that are seen as corrupt by Exchange 2003. The majority of the items seem to be meeting related and generated by or updated from clients with Outlook 2007, this applies to external meeting requests as well. . Most internal clients still have Outlook 2003. Running Exchange 2003 SP2 Standard. Backup exec also keeps flagging calendar items as corrupt (from 2007)and unreadable and have also gotten messages stuck in the outgoing queue with :

Event Type:      Warning
Event Source:      MSExchangeTransport
Event Category:      Connection Manager
Event ID:      4006
Message delivery to the host "ip address" failed while delivering to the remote domain  '' for the following reason: Unable to open the message for delivery

Behavior matched symptoms in KB 938650 ( )
But the files in the hotfix are older than what I'm running so I did not apply. I've changed the delivery mime for certain domains to plain text which seems to have helped but am wondering if this is a 2007 compatability issue. Pretty sure the external domains I'm haveing issues with are running Exchange 2007. Called Microsoft and they had me run ISINTEG on my stores and no problems were found. Still want me to migrate to a new store which if it does fix the problem I don't think it will be permanent since it seems to be created by users running 2007. I think their next response will be upgrade exchange to 2007. Not the kind of "fix" I'm looking for. Of cource this problem is sporadic and not always repeatable. Also running Symantec Mailsecurity.

Anybody have the same problem or know of a fix?
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I am not aware of any problems with mixed versions of Outlook against Exchange. Considering Exchange is one of Microsoft's flagship products they rarely get things wrong with the product.

However I am aware of plenty of problems caused by Symantec Mail Security, and that is where I would be looking at for the cause of the problem. Symantec AV causes more problems than anything else.

You have also flagged that Backup Exec is saying the items are corrupt. Does that mean you are doing a mailbox level backup? Are you aware that is a waste of time for most recovery scenarios and you may well be duplicating your backups? To do a valid backup of Exchange you only need to do an information store backup, nothing else.
When Backup Exec says something is corrupt, what it really means is that it cannot read it. It does not mean the item itself is corrupt.

The fix I would propose to a client would be to remove the Symantec product completely, then migrate to a new database. Almost certainly you will lose content that cannot be moved that has been corrupted by the Symantec AV, but that cannot really be helped.

rmorphisAuthor Commented:
I've been running Backup Exec and Mail security on this for a while. Office 2007 is the new variable one the probelms coincide with deployment. The corrupt message error is nothing new but they are flagging the same calendar items. All that really means is Symantec would provide support for a job that flags an error, The real issue is the error being generated when the item is transferred to the catagorized and quesed for routing. The error message appears in the event log and the message gets stuck in the queue. More weirdness is that it will be delivered to some recipients but the one that gets stuck stays there and is never able to connect to the remote server. You can force the connection and other stuff in the queue will go but it just sits there. Deleted and recreated the mailboxes that were having this problem with exmerge with no luck. Not having any store errors and have bumped up the diagnostic logging to max. Don't tyhink the store is the problem, more like the MTA. Was hoping for a patch or hotfix that I missed (or SP3). Baseline doesn't flag anything. Don't think anything is corrupt but It keeps chokeing on 07 meeting items, much like indicated in the KB referenced.
If they never got anything wrong we wouldn't have service packs, hotfixes, security uypdates, or jobs. MailSecurity doesn't seem to have a problem with content but I may stop the servces for awhile...
Categorizer is where AV does its thing.
Stopping the AV is not enough to show it isn't responsible, because the email still goes through. The only to show the Symantec is not the cause is to remove it and reboot.

If you suspect the MTA then I would still be pointing the finger at the Symantec product.

I have been posting on forums like this for many years and have four years experience as an Exchange consultant. More often than not if there is a Symantec product installed it is the cause of the problem. It has actually reached the point where if I see it, the product is removed. Usually the problem goes away.

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rmorphisAuthor Commented:
Well, that;'s not going to help too much since I'm just going to have to install it back again. Got off of GroupShield years ago and have a lot invested in Symantec licensing. Maybe I'll check and see if Symantec has any product updates, would be nice if the Mail Security was throwing the error. I just set that FixRecipientTrackStatusTime key to see if things change. Maybe that's the missing component...
You went from the second worst product for problems in my experience (McAfee) to the worst (Symantec). I had far less problems with Groupshield than I have ever had with Symantec, although both were troublesome. I actually told my last full time employer that if they made me purchase any AV by Symantec I would resign on the spot.

Due to the way the products integrate with Exchange, their complete removal and reboot of the system is the only way to ensure they are not the cause of the problem.
You should also remove any file level AV at the same time, to ensure that isn't the cause of the problem as well.

While I appreciate you may have a large investment in the Symantec AV, if it is causing you problems then the investment is wasted.

rmorphisAuthor Commented:
Simon, thanks for thadvice.
rmorphisAuthor Commented:
The issue continued on a new store and created a dozen other problems migration all mailboxes. Same behavior. Applying the fix in  prevented meeting items from getting stuck in queue but the warning messages about the store continued although no problems are ever found on the store of drive. Seems to be a false positive. Been working fine for over a month with patch applied. Leaving Symantec in place.

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