Abbrevia vs ZipForge vs ZipTV vs VCLZip

I'm going to purchase a compression/decompression suite.
If you had any experience with any of these libraries, let me know.
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Purchase? ZipForge and Abbrevia are both free. We've been using both for years here.  

ZipForge comes on the Delphi companion CD and Abbrevia is at SourceForge, for a free download.

I don't know about the other libraries.
Abbrevia: OpenSource, A little complicated, A little hard to learn

ZipTV: Bad and Inappropriate Documentation. I could not abort unzip progress. It seems this is something unsupported. in this library. The only advantage I see in this component

ZipForge: Very good documentation. Powerful library, Easy to use, Lot's of handy functions. In my opinion best compression, decompression suite. But it didn't support Rar format. But I think it doesn't matter when there are very powerful library for Rar freeware here:

VCLZip: I have not hear about this library and I didn't have experience with that.

Conclusion: ZipForge is Easy to use, yet Powerful and most full featured compression/decompression suite I have ever seen. It's very well written library and it's optimized for performance and have very good support and customer care. I'm in no way related to ZipForge company and this is only my personal opinion as a Delphi Developer.

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But ZipTV support various compress file type
see here:
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Yes, Abbrevia is a little harder to learn. It does support CAB, Zip, GZip, tar and SFX formats.  ZipForge, from ComponentAce is actually NOT free for commercial development.   Either ZipForge or Abbrevia (I forget which) also allows multiple levels of compression. (more compression = slower speed = smaller files).  ZipForge is pretty darn good though.

It looks like ZipTV supports even more formats and maybe costs less than ZipForge.

Make sure that whatever you buy, you get something that compiles into your project, not just a DLL from which you call functions. Otherwise, you have to supply that DLL to your customers too.  
@DTHLIEM: I agree that it support more file format, but this is useful when you want write another WinRar program that support extracting every each compression file in the world. But if you need a standard compression / decompression suite and you don't need for example RAR file support I prefer ZipForge.

Also you should take a look to licensing of each component. In my opinion ZipTV Licensing is not flexible and it's more expensive that ZipForge and ZipTV is not just stable and reliable as ZipForge is.
@JosephGlosz:: ZipTV is more expensive than ZipForge. *ZipTV VCL*
Source Code Version For Delphi 2009 cost $259.99 while ZipForge For Single Developer with Source Code cost only ¬ 99      
It depends on what your progam does. If just simple compress & extract for your own, i think ZipForge is best choice. And ZipTV, i think it is a best and fast component now for working with common archive on net.
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
hey, thx for zipforge, didn't know this one yet.
Just integrated it into a download/upload program for a program version updater.  Works great.
Only took 12 minutes !

Before i used pkzip from the command line with a waitfor in a thread.
With this zipforge it's only 10 lines for up and download. Cool !
for me Abbrevia...
but, today i really prefer 7zip (Seven Zip) to compress/decompress files
I use it to update my program too
best compression, freeware and over the net you can find some demos...
Official Web site
Delphi TSevenZipVCL - with Demos

ps: itsnt a suite... just a another way to compress/decompress...
maybe the new one...
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