Citrix Secure Gateway Authority Server Failed

Hi, I have a Citrix Farm with 2 Presentation Servers and access is gained through Web Interface through Secure Gateway.  Everything has been running fine for months and suddenly today users get the following message when trying to log in:

'The supplied credentials could not be validated. Either they are incorrect, or there is a problem with the authentication system. Try again, or contact your help desk or system administrator for help. '

If I run the Secure Gateway Diagnostics on the Web Interface Server I get an Authority Server diagnostic tests failed against both servers.  This seems to have coincided with the fact that one of the servers has died but I don't see how this could be the problem as logins should load balance to the other server.

Can anyone please tell me how I troubleshoot this issue.


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Could you try removing the STA through CSG configuration wizard and add it again. And same on WI side..

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nicksbellAuthor Commented:
I tried that and when I tried to re add the STA server it said that it could not be contacted.  So I checked the STA server and for some reason the WWW service was disabled.  I re-enabled it and started the default website and now it is working again.  It is a bit strange how it just disabled itself, a bit worrying really but at least it is up and running again now.  Thanks
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