Intermittant connection to the wireless network

Greetings !

I have an annoying issue with my wireless access point. Some of the employee have difficulties to maintain the wireless connection. Sometime the connection is good, sometime the connection drop... and they must reconnect to the AP. This trouble only occurs to the employee connected to the BAP-120 (G radio). For my self, i'm connected to the time capsule and everything runs smooth.  

I have two AP in my network, the BAP-120 and an apple time capsule.

This is my BAP-120 config.
Channel 6
Radio B&G
signal 61%
noise : 13%
RSSI : -60
Transmit rate : 54

This is my time capsule config
Channel 11
Radio N only
signal : 68%
noise 13%
RSSI : -49
Transmit rate : 145

This is my security setting for my BAP-120.

Encryption : Enable
Pre-Authentication : Disable

Authentication :

WPA Configuration:
required (Mobile unit must have WPA enabled to access AP)

Cipher Suite :

Key type Passphrase

Right now i'm connected to the BAP-120 and everything runs great... and I jsut receive a complain that the wireless network dropped.

My computer is an apple macbook pro
The other computer runs Windows XP Pro. or Windows Vista bus.

Thanks for your help
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nappy_dConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Change your encryption from wpa-wpa2 to just wpa-psk if possible. while wpa2 is a stronger encryption, it does have more overhead and may be the cause of your troubles.

Also this setting by forcing a standard encryption type will help stop the clients and the AP to stop "arguing" over which encryption mode to use.
Firmware update for the Nortel? Driver re-install for the notebook users. Obvious things are signal strength, consistency with the loss of connectivity?

Try changing the channel on the BAP-120. Some wireless routers/access points allow you to change the power setting, try to look at that as well.
Often times, cell phones are the cause of interference if the channels are similar.
"Right now i'm connected to the BAP-120 and everything runs great... and I jsut receive a complain that the wireless network dropped"
As you stated above, the time capsule has a different channel which seems to be working well for you.In addition, macbook's have 'interference robustness' which helps to weed out any interference from cell phones and other disturbances, which would also help to explain why you never loose your connection and the windows users do. I would also assume that the 'time capsule' has a sort of 'interference robustness' integrated within it as well.

Let us know how this goes. Thanks.
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tblincAuthor Commented:
All right, thank you all

I will try to change the security setting to WPA PSK
Windows Vista has difficulties with WPA PSK wireless encryption. If more assistance is needed in the matter, attempt to resort to the following URL:
I use WPK-PSK on Vista 100% free of issues..
tblincAuthor Commented:
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