Authorizing iPods tunes on new computer

I bought an iPod that had lots of music and videos and all music plays fine on the iPod.
When I downloaded the media to my PC, attempting to play some of the music and videos failed. A message is displayed that says:

This computer is not authorized to play song title. If you purchased this content you can open iTunes and authorize this computer to play this content by entering your Apple ID and password.

The dialog has two buttons, Cancel and iTunes. When I click on iTunes, the program starts and then I am prompted to enter my password (e-mail address already filled in).  When I enter my password, the response is that the computer is already authorized.

The music was authorized to play on the iPod. Is there a way to get the authorization transferred from the iPod so I can play the content on the PC?
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You are attempting to circumvent copyright protection. You did not buy the music, you bought the ipod hardware.  Discussions about how to do this are not permitted on EE.
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
What we will discuss here is that Apple has placed DRM proteion on that music because it was purchased through the Apple store. Only the person who purchased that music has the rights to move it from that iPod to the computer where it was purchased from.

All you can do is erase the iPod and synch it to a computer of your own or enjoy the music that is currently loaded on that iPod FROM that iPod.

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good call nappy, i may have jumped the gun a bit.
nappy_dThere are a 1000 ways to skin the technology cat.Commented:
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This should be Accept the following answer by nappy_d. ID: 24454857.
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