Outlook - Watermark option is greyed out

I have user that is in print layout view. She wants to add a watermark to her document. When she clicks on Format and then selects Backgrounds the Printed Watermark option is greyed out.

She then gets the following error message:

This feature is disabled because it is not compatible with Word 97

This document has been created using Word 2003 and the compatibility is set for 2003 documents.  She will open other documents and the option to add a watermark is active.
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ashwynrConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Such errors are document specific.

* Ask the user to open the Word document
* Browse to Tool>Options>Save
* At the bottom Un-Check the option which says, Disable features introduced after (Word 97)

User should now be able to use the Printed Watermark option.

didraAuthor Commented:
That worked!!!! I have been going nutz. You are the Master!!!!
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