ajax auto checkbox


i have a select box with some options in and i want to be able to have my ajax replace the value in the options with a value i get from the upload.php

if i use this in the function

document.getElementById(transmission').options[1] = new Option  ('some value');

it replaces it but i need it to replace it with the value in the php page where it reads
echo "formObj.transmission.value = '".$transmission."';\n";  

how would i read that value and put it in this

document.getElementById(transmission').options[1] = new Option  ('$transmission');



what shows in my upload.php that the ajax calls
$transmission = 'Leather Seats';
echo "formObj.transmission.value = '".$transmission."';\n";  
my head section
<script type="text/javascript">
		var ajax = new sack();
	var currentvinId=false;
function getvinData()
document.getElementById('transmission').options.value = getvinData;
		var vin = document.getElementById('vin').value;
			currentvinId = vin
			ajax.requestFile = 'upload.php?getvinId='+vin;	// Specifying which file to get
			ajax.onCompletion = showvinData;	// Specify function that will be executed after file has been found
			ajax.runAJAX();		// Execute AJAX function			
	function showvinData()
		var formObj = document.forms['addlisting'];	
	function initFormEvents()
		document.getElementById('vin').onblur = getvinData;
	window.onload = initFormEvents;
body section
<select id="transmission" name="transmission" size="1"><option value="Automatic">Automatic</option><option value="Manual">Manual</option><option value="Dual">Dual</option></select>

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The way you are doing it now, it would be done by changing

echo "formObj.transmission.value = '".$transmission."';\n";  

in the php file to

echo "document.getElementById(transmission').options[1] = new Option  ('" . $transmission . "');"
petecrane99Author Commented:


i used

echo "formObj.transmission.options[0] = new Option  ('".$transmission."');\n";

and that worked which is great how easy would it be to do with check boxes?
petecrane99Author Commented:
this is my checkbox's

<input value="Leather Seats" id="standfeatures" name="standfeatures[8]" type="checkbox">Leather Seats</td>
Same thing. The php is generating a javascript code line that is executed on the client browser. So you wanted to have a javascript

document.getElementById('transmission').options[1] = new Option  ('some value');

and the php code had

echo "formObj.transmission.options[0] = new Option  ('".$transmission."');\n";

Similarly, it can be done for any other javascript code that you want. So for checkbox assuming that you have unique id, you would need

document.getElementById('standfeatures').checked = true;

in php just echo the above string. But if you don't have unique id (standfeatures) and want to loop through the set of checkboxes, the code would be different. If you give more details, we can help you in that too.

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CWS (haripriya)Commented:
This question has been classified as abandoned and is closed as part of the Cleanup Program. See the recommendation for more details.
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