LDIFDE W2003K output

I am running a ldifde command from a batch and capturing the output in a text file.  Some of the LDAP strings returned are greater than 80 characters, and are wrapping in the output.  This is causing difficulty in parsing the resulting file.  How can I stop the output from wrapping?  
Note: this behavior is independent of the width of the command prompt window.
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What method are you using to parse the output? If you give us an idea of what you are trying to accomplish, or can furnish an approximation of the ldifde command, it may be easier to offer assistance. Depending on what you are doing, using csvde instead could help with parsing, since the fields are delimited.
nbccitAuthor Commented:
Thank you for responding.  
I am dumping a listing of user objects in Active Directory groups using ldifde and then parsing the output using vbscript.  Everything worked fine until i moved some user objects into different OUs.  This changed the LDAP indentifier for these user objects to be longer than 80 characters.  The unforeseen result is the ldifde output wraps at 80 chars, and then the vbscript (which reads one line at a time) doesn't work properly b/c it is reading in partial LDAP identifiers.
If i can change the output so that it doesn't wrap, everything will work.  Hence, my question.
Hope that helps.
According to the RFC for the LDIF format (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2849.html), a wrapped line begins with a space. If you can test for a space at the beginning of the line and handle accordingly, this could solve the issue.

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nbccitAuthor Commented:
I noticed that.  I was hoping for a way to change the output, so i wouldn't have to re-script.  But, you are right - i could code to test for the space and make it work.
We'll see if anyone else has an idea.
Thanks, i'll keep checking this thread.
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