Cisco ISR 871W wireless version have AIPS ???

These the wireless version of the Cisco ISR 871W have the Advanced IP Services Feature Set by default?  The part number is CISCO871W-G-A-K9

If not, how do I get the upgrade on the wireless version?  I understand that the non wireless CISCO871-SEC-K9 has it by factory.
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decoleurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you order the part you will get the media. if you have smartnet after you order the part and your contract is associated with your CCO ID you can download it fom Cisco's website by navigating from to Router Software, your router model and the version and release of software that you want. there are many different versions that you can get, I would go for the most recent asumming that your router has the RAM and Flash to support it. It will show you ther requirements for each version.

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To get AIP for the latest version 12.4(22)T you need to order part number S870AISK9-12422T which lists for 150.00

hope this helps,

SPERTWAuthor Commented:
So if I buy the parts, where do I download to get the AIP? or is it build into the ram S870AISK9-12422T
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