Rebooting HP Jetdirect remotley?


I have a hp designjet 110plus (C7796D) with builtin Jetdirect J7934G. I cant seem to find any reboot options or comands in either the web interface or via telnet. How do I rebot it remotley?
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CyberLexConnect With a Mentor Commented:

there are different ways to reboot them remotely:

- send attached txt file to the device (I don't know if that is working with designjets, it works on lasers tho)
-- for example
-- dos cmd, cd to dir where you saved reboot.txt
-- ftp
-- username (leave blank) <enter>
-- password (leave blank) <enter>
-- on the prompt type: bin <enter>
-- put reboot.txt <enter>
-- or put c:\<path>\reboot.txt

or use a snmp set utility (eg. iReasoning mib browser - is free)
- set OID . with Integer "4"

as said, those work on laser printers and mfp's, don't know if the designjet has those OID's as well (the text file is basically the same as the snmp but a pml command which will then kick the OID.

I can't seem to remember right now if also the Management Tool HP Web JetAdmin 10.something does have this function :)


There are several option you can get that will power cycle your printer.  Just do a search on "remote power cycle reboot".

Hope that helps
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